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This is a text only description of Truck Company 54 so that we do not have to put all this on the mainpage.
fire and rescue t-shirts from ladder54 - B Shift's Site!

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Truck Company #54 is a website for and about aerial fire fighters of tukwila washington. Also offerred are fire and rescue t shirts and gifts! Truck company #54 has rescue, fire fighting, fires, and professional union firefighters information and photos.
We are a truck company of Professional Firefighters affiliated with IAFF local 2088 ( International Association of firefighters ). All members are EMT ( emergency medical technicians) and part of the king county EMS ( emergency medical system). The EMS system is a layered system consisting of EMT and paramedic responses to emergencies in King County. Paramedic services are provided by King County. Occasionally we run an fire engine company (when the aerial platform is being serviced). Also at station 54 is Aid54 which responds to EMS calls for medical helps as well as medic calls. Aid 54 is staffed by two firefighters. Fire and rescue company #54 is staffed by 1 lieutenant, who is also the station officer, and 3 firefighters. There are 21 firefighters assigned to station 54 in Tukwila.

The Fire and Rescue #54 firefighters webpage is designed by Tukwila Firefighters of Ladder company 54 - Tukwila fire department. Also on B54's site is Thermal Imager Infrared camera information and thermal images taken with the infrared camera. Site (and t-shirts) are designed and maintained by Craig Byron. His hompage is ( here ).

Ladder54 is an Simon LTI aerial platform purchased in 1992 for approximately $650,000.00 Since the main focus of the site is Ladder54 we don't mention a lot about aid54 which is used for EMS medical aid response.

What you find on here is about firefighting, professional firefighters, fires in general and some entertainment things as well. Also is information about the firefighter members of Truck Co. #54 and some personal pictures.

Enjoy your visit!

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thermal imager

mccoys firehouse ( ) Pat owns this Seattle based business

cj's site ( ) Craig's personal website with over 90 pages to view.

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